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Evoke Uproar Seattle

june | 2022

A disruptive weekend of workshops for entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, producers, and venture capitalists.

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Let’s focus on where your passion, wellness, and finance converge to move your project forward.

EVOKE UPROAR is an entreprenurial workshop series hosted in a dynamic city for entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, producers and venture capitalists. The premiere installment of the EVOKE UPROAR series will be featured in Seattle, Washington from June 16th—19th, 2022.

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Workshops You Actually Care About

The weekend consists of five workshops and fireside chats featuring notable influencers, executives, and successful entrepreneurs discussing their ideas, secrets, failures, and successes.

In this exclusive, first-of-its-kind experience, our five curated categories of disruptors will receive rare wisdom and practical tools to help further their brands for the future.

EVOKE UPROAR provides access to

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VIP WORKSHOP Hour of Power

5 EVOKE UPROAR VIPs* will be selected to pitch their business ideas before the audience they desire.

This is an exclusive workshop for all Token Holders* to meet like-minded purpose led leaders, hear great ideas, and invest in the forward movement of their groundbreaking projects.

*Requires the purchase of a VIP admission ticket

Limited VIP Tickets Available

$199 General Admission $299 VIP All Access Prices Increase on June 1st

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