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Evoke Uproar Seattle

june | 2022

A disruptive weekend of workshops for entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, producers, and venture capitalists.

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Let’s focus on where your passion, wellness, and finance converge to move your project forward.

EVOKE UPROAR is an entreprenurial workshop series hosted in a dynamic city for entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, producers and venture capitalists. The premiere installment of the EVOKE UPROAR series will be featured in Seattle, Washington from June 16th—19th, 2022.


Thursday, June 16th @ The Collective


  • EVOKE Uproar Registration

    Check-in. Grab your credentials. Consider yourself an official part of the disruption.

  • Welcome Party

    Meet EVOKE Inc. Mix & mingle with some of Seattle’s finest. Have a drink—it’s on us!

  • Comedy Hour

    Gear up for an entertaining start to an exciting weekend featuring comedians, Erin Ingle and Javann Jones.

Friday, June 17th @ SIFF Cinema Egyptian


  • Fireside Chat 1: EVOKE Uproar Introduction

    EVOKE Inc. Founder and CEO, DeAnna Gravillis, takes the stage to kickoff programming.

  • Workshop 1: From Stress to Success

    Listen to real entrepreneurs tell real stories of tenacity, missteps, and billion-dollar wins.

    • Peter Kim, Founder of Hudson Jeans
    • Luis Vélez, Co-Founder of CORRE, Founder of Guillermo Bravo
    • Randy Wells, Founder of Rockridge, Resident Entrepreneur at Evoke Inc
  • Workshop 2: New-Found Technology ~ N.F.T.

    A search engine that safeguards your privacy; the very first NFT art museum in Seattle; this is innovation.

    • Peter Hamilton, Co-Creator of Seattle NFT Museum
    • Cecil Odom, Product Management at Brave Software
  • Lunch @ SIFF Cinema Egyptian

    Feed your mind with disruption, feed your belly with pizza from Pagliacci Pizza. Lunch features cool pop-ups from Get Your Bearings Skate Shop and Light in the Attic Record Shop.

  • Workshop 3: You Are a Masterpiece

    What do a massage therapist, gynecologist, and forward-thinking cannabis brand all have in common? You.

    • Dr. Chi Amadi, OB/GYN, Master of Public Health, Entrepreneur
    • Kristin Baron, Owner of Blossom Touch
    • Lo Friesen, Founder and CEO of Heylo Cannabis
    • Daniel Luebke, Head of Marketing and Brand for Heylo Cannabis


  • Happy Hour @ Lake Union Waterfront Sponsored by The Reef

    Revel in a beautiful view, connect with powerful minds, soak in the atmosphere and live music, and maybe even go home with a year-long membership to The Collective Seattle. This is an evening to remember

Saturday, June 18th @ The Egyptian Theater


  • Workshop 4: Banking on You

    Your passion and wellness should always be synced with your finances. Sync up here.

    • Marvin Scott, Social Investor, Entrepreneur
    • J.P. Morgan/Chase, Financial Representatives
  • Fireside Chat 2: Outliers

    A special kind of wisdom flows from the ones who take the road less traveled. Witness the Godfather of Hip Hop Art collide with Seattle’s serial entrepreneur of the century.

    • Cey Adams, Visual Artist, Founding Creative Director of Def Jam Recordings
    • Marcus Lalario, Serial Entrepreneur
    • Brian Rauschenbach, Serial Entrepreneur
  • Lunch @ SIFF Cinema Egyptian

    Take today’s break to scope out good eats on Capitol Hill. Lil’ Woody’s, anyone?

  • Fireside Chat 3: TKT POWERBREEDS

    It’s more than just dog training, it’s a lifestyle.

    • Tyson Kilmer, Founder of TKT Powerbreeds, Celebrity Dog Trainer, Animal Aggression Specialist
  • Workshop 5: Behind the Scenes

    Her passion, wellness, and finance Trifecta has helped her reach unthinkable heights, and she’s far from finished. This is the final must-see workshop

    • Alana Mayo, President of Orion Pictures
    • Dr. Artel Great, Filmmaker, Artist, and Cultural Critic


  • After Party @ The KEXP Gathering Space

    There’s only one way to top off a disruptive weekend like this—causing an uproar at KEXP with a jam session and a little Caffe Vita.

Sunday, June 19th @ The Columbia Tower Center


  • VIP Brunch

    Join us for an early meal and a final opportunity to connect with true disruptors.

  • Hour of Power VIP Experience

    The ultimate VIP-experience to close out the weekend of disruption. 5 VIP guests are chosen to pitch their innovative and influential ideas to a curated audience.

  • EVOKE Uproar: Seattle Farewell

    EVOKE Uproar officially concludes.

Images of Seattle
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Workshops You Actually Care About

The weekend consists of five workshops and fireside chats featuring notable influencers, executives, and successful entrepreneurs discussing their ideas, secrets, failures, and successes.

In this exclusive, first-of-its-kind experience, our five curated categories of disruptors will receive rare wisdom and practical tools to help further their brands for the future.

EVOKE UPROAR provides access to

Building in Seattle

VIP WORKSHOP Hour of Power

5 EVOKE UPROAR VIPs* will be selected to pitch their business ideas before the audience they desire.

This is an exclusive workshop for all Token Holders* to meet like-minded purpose led leaders, hear great ideas, and invest in the forward movement of their groundbreaking projects.

*Requires the purchase of a VIP admission ticket

Limited VIP Tickets Available

$199 General Admission $299 VIP All Access Prices Increase on June 1st

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